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How to make this party B's own "new media index" survey report? Try the "3-10 Mathematical Model" for two people who have had a relationship. If you want to have a good conclusion, these 3 things can't be less

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If you want to determine that they "know" new media operations, in addition to displaying the article and showing that the front desk pays close attention to the rapid growth statistics, can you not Use quantitative statistical data conclusions to judge them? In the first episode of this article, the translator showed two sets of "keyword new media constituent stocks 3/10 mathematical models", let's take a look at how the translator summed it up.

How to make this party B's own

The author's practical experience strong>, original mathematical model, can provide some conclusions and indicators for organizational work such as multi-network platform SEO strengthening.

How to make this party B's own

1. Background

"Do you know how to operate new media?"

How to make this party B's own

I was asked this question a few years ago, and I will also ask this question when I interview other people for marketing management. Whether it is the text operation belonging to the operation post, the media planning of the marketing post, or the self-media operation of the media post, I don't think everyone will say that they don't know how to operate new media.

"Does it determine what?"

The usual method is to display a few high-traffic articles, most of them are like this, and a small part will show the high-profile growth statistics in the foreground. Conclusions other than this are extremely difficult to quantify and extremely difficult to conclude. Conclusions that are easy to draw are often easy to falsify.

Is there any way to better determine this? If you can have statistical data, you are not afraid of falsification. We can deduce from the conclusion that the purpose of text operation is to form transformation indirectly or directly, but this is extremely difficult to determine; There are two other purposes to increase the exposure of international brands. In fact, there are two hidden praises to international standards, which perform better than competitors. If you can't measure the slope, you can measure the luminous intensity.

Combine the following requirements, and then continue to experiment and strengthen, In the end, I divided my Zellner into two complete methods, which are "Keyword New Media Component Stock 3/10 Mathematical Model", specifically referring to 10 keywords See the rankings on the 10 pages of the 10 new media network platforms. Through this mathematical model, two sets of standardized new media constituent stock survey reports can be input.

The statistical data of this mathematical model is comprehensive, Static, long-term, if a high-ranking conclusion can be reached, even falsification is acceptable, and if the cost is not high, falsification is even encouraged (it will be understood as a technical means).

Second, text (3 sets of forms + 1 formula)

The complete definition of the keyword new media component stock 3/10 mathematical model is:< /strong>The 10 identical keywords of their international brand and competitor's international brand are listed on 10 pages of static rankings on 10 new media network platforms, and each keyword is in the top 10 of each network platform International brand.

The form of the mathematical model of new media constituent stocks is: This periodic statistical data survey report includes 3 sets of forms;The technology of the new media component stock survey report is:Manual collection + calculation formula; The cycle of the new media component stock survey report is: Once a week within the department and once a month for the company.

A network platform with a search box is usually a new media network platform (not rigorous , but very practical); New media network platforms are divided into 7 categories in total, with hundreds of relatively popular ones and about 30 top popular ones. It is suggested to cover each of the two categories, select one or two mainstream network platforms or network platforms related to the financial industry for each of the two categories, choose 10 in total, and choose 2 network platforms as a priority As an alternate replacement web platform.

It should be specifically explained here that the narrow sense of being included in the ranking refers to the ranking of official websites in browsers. However, with the explosion of new media network traffic and mobile applications, the network traffic of traditional official websites has declined sharply, and browsers have also declined. It is not necessarily the main entrance of network traffic, the level of text operation and access to the whole network reinforcement.

Two sets of keywords can give priority to 5 main keywords + 5 secondary keywords, and 5 main keywords contain 1-2 main keywords. The keywords mentioned here refer to keyword groups, two keyword groups for each item or product, not just one set of keywords for two companies, or only one set of keywords for each product 1 keyword. For example, if the company has 2 international brands, 3 commodities, 1 service, and 1 activity, then it can make 7 groups of keywords, two groups of 10, and enter this constituent stock survey report especially for each keyword group . Each phrase can also only choose 2-3 first, depending on the popularity of the financial industry.

The financial industry survey report can give priority to each key The top 10 international brands (not necessarily all competitors); the competitor survey report allows them to preset 10 competitors.

Form 1 in the most basic form diagram, forms 2 and 3 are Basic variant, suitable for process management within a department. Here, especially for the statistical data of Form 1, two evaluation formulas are introduced to praise the degree of ranking improvement.

Key word component stock evaluation formula

(total score of next week - total score of last Friday) / total score of last Friday = next week's increase

Total score for next week=The sum of 10 key words in 10 major items on 10 network platforms, the total score is 1000 points ;

Major item scoring=11-number of words, that is, the first page counts as 10 Points, 9 points for the first page, 1 point for the 10th page, no ranking and no points after the 10th page;

The international standard for the evaluation of the increase does not propose a preset slope. Competitors, the main reason is the limitation of input-output ratio.

About the ranking statistics, there are the following points for attention;< /p>The newly created words are usually stably included in or relying on the column within 2-3 months, so it is recommended to evaluate the stability of outflow; companies usually give priority to importing during the organization working hours of the organization working day, or start other enhancements The method has a greater impact on the rankings, so it is proposed to count the statistics on Monday or Friday afternoon. It is recommended to import statistical data (advertisement) without statistics, or to display statistics but mark them.

Except for those who need to know about their products by week Keyword listings, you also need to understand the situation of the entire financial industry and competitors on a monthly basis, the form is as follows:

For two keyword groups, it is enough to make statistics only once based on the main keyword; it is recommended to use the second form for the statistics of competing products, and make statistics on all the first 10 pages included in it. The above two types of statistical data, on the one hand, are to understand their position in the financial industry, on the one hand, to establish a learning sample library, including the setting of keywords, the text of the article, and the operation strategy and so on.

Third, features

The above-mentioned conclusions that are easy to determine are often easy to falsify, and some characteristics of this mathematical model can just avoid this. The summary is as follows:

In this mathematical model, paid imports are excluded, and many online platforms do not support imports; in this mathematical model, all statistics The digital data is open to the whole network and can be verified at any time; In this mathematical model, not only their statistical data, but also the statistical data of the entire financial industry and competitors; In this mathematical model, instead of only looking at the statistical data at a fixed point in time, it is necessary to record and analyze the statistical data periodically.

The mathematical model introduced above, can not only Answering the question about whether it will operate has some practical effects. In addition to facing users and readers, new media operators also have to deal with many internal organizational issues.

In this way, the grassroots operating personnel can determine the conclusions of their organizational work; in this way, the operation managers can properly arrange the organizational work; Be able to approve the budget reasonably, and will not command indiscriminately;
By doing so, the business marketing department will recognize the organization of new media operations.

4. Answers

Next, we will discuss three related issues.

1. Why do 10 network platforms? The time cost of operating the 9 network platforms is usually only 1/10 of the second network platform, but the network traffic and efficiency brought are far more than 1/10; the network platforms are independent and duplicate The text does not affect the inclusion, which is more secure than the matrix style of playing with 10 accounts on two network platforms. 2. How to improve the ranking?

In addition to understanding the above management framework, you may be more concerned about how to improve the name Lie, this is not something that can be explained clearly in one or two paragraphs, nor in one or two articles. I still give my reference ideas. If you can solve the following two types of problems, you will directly solve the problem of ranking improvement. The specific answers to the questions can also be found on the Internet for reference. The questions are as follows:

The rules of each network platform include three types: included, recommended, and imported; keyword-related skills include two aspects of selection and application. 3. Is there anything else that needs to be done?

The problem of new media operation cannot be solved by solving the problem of ranking. Many people can't even write, either they can write but can't post it, or they can post it but can't repost it (it's not reposting, it's reposting), Forming transformation is the new media The essential problems to be solved by the operation.

I will use two forms to illustrate the above text in The position occupied by the whole new media text operation, and then explain the rest.

The orange block is This article discusses the strategy of how to post; the orange dotted line is a module worth following up, which is the two issues related to improving the ranking mentioned above; the red cross is the value and tools of different stages, which involves specific scenarios. It’s not easy to generalize; the two hooks are relatively mature modules, and there are many high-quality shares, from copywriting to the article, from title to structure, from editing to development, from graphics to video, etc., according to their direct needs The two question marks mean that these two links are worth exploring, and how to realize transformation is a key and long-term problem that needs to be constantly thought about and strengthened. If you want to advance in these two modules, it is recommended to pay more attention to the topic of customer experience design.

One last thing, If you can understand all the above links, be familiar with most of the important links, and master most of the necessary links, then you should be able to confidently answer the questions at the beginning of this article, and you will know how to operate new media.

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