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— get your facts straight and meet your deadlines. I

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SECOND RETAINER. But you'd not have a boy --And what's the Earl beside?--possess too soon That stateliness?

— get your facts straight and meet your deadlines. I

FIRST RETAINER. Our master takes his hand-- Richard and his white staff are on the move-- Back fall our people--(tsh!--there's Timothy Sure to get tangled in his ribbon-ties, And Peter's cursed rosette's a-coming off!) --At last I see our lord's back and his friend's; And the whole beautiful bright company Close round them--in they go! [Jumping down from the window-bench, and making for the table and its jugs.] Good health, long life, Great joy to our Lord Tresham and his House!

— get your facts straight and meet your deadlines. I

SIXTH RETAINER. My father drove his father first to court, After his marriage-day--ay, did he!

— get your facts straight and meet your deadlines. I

SECOND RETAINER. God bless Lord Tresham, Lady Mildred, and the Earl! Here, Gerard, reach your beaker!

GERARD. Drink, my boys! Don't mind me--all's not right about me--drink!

SECOND RETAINER [aside]. He's vexed, now, that he let the show escape! [To GERARD.] Remember that the Earl returns this way.

GERARD. Then my way's here. [Goes.]

SECOND RETAINER. Old Gerard Will die soon--mind, I said it! He was used To care about the pitifullest thing That touched the House's honour, not an eye But his could see wherein: and on a cause Of scarce a quarter this importance, Gerard Fairly had fretted flesh and bone away In cares that this was right, nor that was wrong, Such point decorous, and such square by rule-- He knew such niceties, no herald more: And now--you see his humour: die he will!