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How to do network marketing Chinese website network network marketing strengthening?

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Many people said that private enterprises at that time began to do search subscription promotion , there is no need to do completely free SEO enhancement work, even if it is done, it will not be very useful, because many people think that the subscription promotion at that time has always occupied the top five, and Internet traffic is all subscribed The promotion of private enterprises is now behind, and it is your natural ranking that is also innumerable.

How to do network marketing Chinese website network network marketing strengthening?

Then the Internet tips here are our ideas Not comprehensive, although it is said that the subsequent Internet traffic will be intercepted by private enterprises that do subscription promotion, but few private enterprises do promotion 24 hours a day, so when private enterprises do not do promotion, just now your name It is listed in the back, so the Internet traffic will flow into your Chinese website, so how to strengthen the Internet marketing Chinese website? What kind of basic skills and methods does it have?

How to do network marketing Chinese website network network marketing strengthening?

Second, page subtitle Title industrial layout

How to do network marketing Chinese website network network marketing strengthening?

The subtitle of the page has a great influence! Choosing two appropriate subtitles will make you The individual keyword rankings are developing rapidly, and it is very important and necessary to add keywords to the subtitle correctly in terms of internal structure. The keyword can be used multiple times in both subheadings. Such as Internet Marketing Chinese Website_Internet Marketing Chinese Website Engineering Construction_Internet Marketing Chinese Website Engineering Construction Company, etc. Although it is too wordy and not beautiful, two visitors will pay attention to whether your subtitle is ugly or beautiful?< /p>

Second, Chinese The internal structure of the website is centralized and the internal structure of the URL is on the internal structure

Let me tell you with years of experience from Internet servant tips: The internal structure of the two Chinese websites and the advantages and disadvantages of the URL's internal structure directly affect the inclusion and ranking of Chinese websites. The intelligence of browsers is increasing. If you search for Internet marketing Chinese website construction, the conclusions related to "Internet marketing Chinese website construction" will appear directly, but if you search for "Chinese website construction", you will not be able to find it. Obtained the conclusion of "Internet Marketing Chinese Website Engineering Construction". For SEO enhancement, it is two shrewd choices to reappear keywords in Roman characters or English in the URL!

Second, the page describes the industrial layout of Description

There are two pages with so much content, how does Tencent Scorpion know what the content of the page is about? The answer is of course: the description of the page. Adding forward-looking descriptions to the entire article is a very beneficial SEO measure. It is no problem to add two core keywords appropriately.

The fifth, The page is static on the internal structure

Static HTML placement The pages are convenient for Tencent Scorpion to intercept and place. At the same time, the Internet traffic of statically processed pages is many times faster than that of static pages. From the perspective of SEO enhancement, static pages are more suitable for browser search and inclusion in living habits, and are more friendly to browsers, so the Chinese website ranking effect of static pages is better than that of static pages.

The fifth, Title and Alt features of photos

But the title of the photo In addition, keywords are two better SEO methods. The Alt feature is a good thing. SEO enhancement starts with the technical details. When the photos can’t show anything, if you set the ALT feature of the photos, it will be displayed. It’s very good to add this feature to the photos in the article. living habits!

Show hair, the above is suggested by the tips A lot of strengthening the basic skills of the Chinese website, those methods are common to any page, so when strengthening the Internet marketing Chinese website, the tip suggests that we can do a lot of snapshots appropriately, even though the snapshots are no longer the key Already, but can do many high quality snapshots with high weights.