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The new generation of Bazelle strengthens eight forms

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China's network environment There have been rapid changes, but browsers are indeed undergoing dramatic changes now and in the future, and will do their best to improve significantly. The new adopter experience and new adopter experience of browsers will keep getting better and better. One of the core concept indicators is the quality of documentation, which is ultimately expressed in documentation. Regardless of the form of search results, there are a few things you need to do to embed documents in SEO.

The new generation of Bazelle strengthens eight forms

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1. The positioning is very accurate.

Chinese website documents are summarized with 1~2 core concept keywords, documents Verticalization, the theme of the Chinese website is clearly stated in one sentence. For example, when doing English professional training, don’t do too many other minor languages, focus on the keywords of English professional training, try to focus on English professional training, and don’t do too many English exams and English translators.

The new generation of Bazelle strengthens eight forms

2. Reduce the ratio of Sina documents.

A layer thick in its database is document dictionary science Knowledge has always been a browser favorite. Therefore, if your Chinese website reduces the ratio of dictionary files, for example, the organic food Chinese website. In addition, if the concepts related to inorganic are answered on your Chinese website, at the editorial level, what are inorganic farms, inorganic rice, inorganic vegetables, inorganic fertilizers, etc. In order to make the article appear to have a strong three-dimensional sense, use titles as many times as possible.

The new generation of Bazelle strengthens eight forms

3. Open the blog comment.

If dictionary science knowledge is a variety of problems, special Aimed at solving various problems for others, blogging ways to solve various problems. For example, two Chinese websites engaged in translator services have spoken about translator skills and wonderful translators in various languages, all of which are in the form of Translator University or Translator Tools.

4. The document must not be too self-centered.

As a document sponsor, think more about what your document brings to them What, we must know how to consider from the perspective of the visitor. For example, the founder's boring entrepreneurial storyline is difficult to produce SEO effects, such as what the company says, company culture, employee storyline, our advantages, and so on. Put simply, adopters just want to know what they can get out of you, not how hard you work.

5. Give up snapshots and focus on internal links.

In SEO work, sending snapshots is the most plain thing and the most strenuous work. The internal mirror is an inorganic combination of Chinese website documents, making the Chinese website two complete usable products, which can well connect the documents of the entire Chinese website.

6. Change the friendship image to deep document close cooperation.

The symbolic meaning of the mirror image of friendship is not only to convey weight, but also to Closely cooperate with each other, and now the friendship is mirrored. First, find two people who need friendship and connected thinking, and then find his Chinese website. If you cooperate closely, you can quote each other’s outstanding articles, and then find deeper documents for close cooperation. . It is specially designed to make some documents to say about your close partners, or to recommend and mirror each other in the documents, so as to realize the effectiveness of resource complementarity and sharing.

7. Actively find the mirror image.

The symbolic meaning of finding the mirror image is not limited to the lingering weight. The mirror image points to excellent relevant documents, and it will also give your Chinese website a better user experience, allowing browsers to classify your Chinese website documents more clearly. Therefore, if you see a good document professional, you might as well give a mirror image boldly.

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