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is simply "Mr. B" — George Balanchine, the ageless Russian-born

source:newstime:2023-12-04 23:26:00

So thus did both those nobles die, Whose courage none could stain. An English archer then perceived The noble Earl was slain;

is simply

He had a good bow in his hand Made of a trusty tree; An arrow of a cloth yard long To the hard head hal-ed he,

is simply

Against Sir Hugh Montgomery His shaft full right he set; The grey goose-wing that was thereon, In his heart's blood was wet.

is simply

This fight from break of day did last Till setting of the sun; For when they rung the evening bell, The battle scarce was done.

With stout Earl Piercy there was slain Sir John of Egerton, Sir Robert Harcliffe and Sir William, Sir James that bold bar-on;

And with Sir George and Sir James, Both knights of good account, Good Sir Ralph Raby there was slain, Whose prowess did surmount.

For Witherington needs must I wail As one in doleful dumps, For when his legs were smitten off, He fought upon his stumps.

And with Earl Douglas there was slain Sir Hugh Montgomery, And Sir Charles Morrel that from the field One foot would never fly;