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What are the key steps and basic skills of network marketing Chinese website strengthening?

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What are the key steps and basic skills of network marketing Chinese website strengthening?

The text is not old, the algorithm is the principle, so it is captured at that time Extracting text is based on the study of browsers, and has been tested by tens of thousands of webmasters, and it is an effective method.

What are the key steps and basic skills of network marketing Chinese website strengthening?

Hey Mata County, let us strengthen the overall SEO Chinese website There is a general understanding of the framework, and many key project parts will be extracted to explain in detail (more high-quality Mata County can be provided)

What are the key steps and basic skills of network marketing Chinese website strengthening?

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No technical terms More to say, the above directly enters the question and answer at that time, and takes a detailed look at the main points and basic skills strengthened by the Chinese website. We can also refer to the above thinking to fill in the space and jump to the interesting part.

1. Strengthen the internal structure of the Chinese website

The internal structure of the Chinese website is the foundation of SEO. The internal structure of the Chinese website is scientific and reasonable, which can not only speed up the inclusion of the Chinese website, but also improve the new user experience, and indirectly allow many SEO operations in the later stage Four or two strokes. Although we all say that the internal structure of the centralized Chinese website is good, the centralized internal structure is not just to design the navigation bar, but to include the path of the overall system of the Chinese website.

Therefore, the internal structure of a Chinese website is strengthened, but only includes the following 14 Part:

Second, Chinese website page enhancement

The internal structure and web pages of the Chinese website can be controlled by themselves during the process of SEO strengthening, and if these two aspects are done well, the foundation of the Chinese website will be very solid, which will improve the SEO effect will help a lot. The enhancement of the Chinese website includes the following parts:

The above will focus on two core concepts and key items Below:

1. Subtitle of the web page

The subtitle of the webpage strengthens the key item is the target keyword, and the subtitle barcode is the first key position, and the subtitle of the webpage is the text contained in the Title barcode. Let's view a webpage The source code can be clearly seen.

There are two key points for barcode strengthening:

Be open and don’t repeat and accurately describe the webpage Pay special attention to the word limit in the text, prevent folding and keyword patchwork, and at the same time ensure that the keywords of simple core ideas are placed as high as possible

2. Strengthening of excerpts

excerpt enhancement is the same as barcode enhancement, moderate addition of keywords is the basic, of course not rigid Insert, but also consider the whole site context and user experience. Special attention should be paid to the excerpt enhancement:

Pay special attention to the occurrence frequency and density of keywords, it is good to appear moderately and naturally Add keywords in the second paragraph, because the previous keywords have higher weight and can be replaced by pronouns and idioms, It is more beneficial for users to search. Use H barcodes scientifically and rationally. Generally, H1~H3 barcodes are used. Pay special attention to the overall typography and new user experience, so as not to affect users' reading

The Chinese website strengthens the core concept or text product quality, you may It is said that some texts are very rubbish and why the rankings are also very high. If many illegal means are ruled out, it may be that other people's Chinese websites have a good foundation. But if you lay a solid foundation for your Chinese website based on the basic skills extracted above, and then strengthen the text of your Chinese website, then your Chinese website competitiveness can be improved by two levels.

Original text is the foundation of SEO, and it is also the key to impress users and form traffic conversion The core concept has always been that "text is king", but it is true. If a Chinese website text is collected and copied, it will be easily defined by the browser as a "trash Chinese website". It is easy to be detected for simply collecting text. We go to Baidu to search casually, and the common ones are popular.

For how to write text that both users and Baidu like, please see the above article:

Vertical and horizontal SEO: How to write the text that Baidu search likes? Do you know two of these three methods? 20 Likes 3 Comments Article

Fourth, Chinese website external link strengthening

It's just that this part is also included in the webpage enhancement, and it is mentioned here because it is very important.

The Chinese website is divided into two parts: internal strengthening and external strengthening , I just finished talking about the strengthening of the station, and the strengthening of the off-site is mainly the strengthening of external links. External links are links to your own Chinese website from other Chinese websites. In addition to bringing more traffic, it is very helpful to increase the weight of the linked webpage and the entire Chinese website. In particular, many large or well-known Chinese websites add external links. The effect is even better.

What kind of external link is a good link?

Click on the Chinese website with high traffic. One-way links have higher external link weight. The text of the link is highly relevant. The anchor text of the link appears. The target keyword is better. The higher the weight of the domain name and the higher the ranking

For how to do a good job in Chinese website external link construction, we can read the above article, which is very detailed:Zongheng SEO: Are external links still useful? How to do a good job in Chinese website external chain construction? 19 votes upvoted· 6 comments on the article

5. SEO effect detection

SEO effect detection is also a very important step. Effect detection can verify the effect and find problems at the same time, and then carry out corresponding SEO enhancement. The SEO effect detection of Chinese websites can be carried out according to the following aspects:

Chinese websites are included in the situation: total included in, classified in, effectively included in, etc. Ranking detection: homepage target keyword ranking, category page target keyword ranking , Article keyword ranking External link data: external link quantity, product quality, type, etc. Traffic data: check the traffic changes of Chinese websites and analyze the situation in time

The five SEO Chinese website strengthening steps extracted above are basically a complete process of Chinese website strengthening. The above will capture many practical basic skills for you, which will definitely improve your SEO. The effect is four or two to pull a thousand catties!

1. Chinese website domain name selection

.com/.cn and other common suffix domain name weight old domain name full spell domain name< img src="https://pic1.zhimg.com/80/v2-e891ef7be9a7766336cae582a1305397_720w.webp?source=1940ef5c" style="width: 100%; margin-bottom: 20px;">

2. Keyword selection

must be relevant to the text or products of the Chinese website to ensure the target keywords, look for effective traffic and consider search diversity, do not blindly pursue popular keywords Choose keywords with many searches but low competitiveness

3. 5 easy-to-use methods for keyword mining

Word 5118 Platform——Digging Demand Traffic Words Baidu Promotion Backstage—Finding User Channels Baidu Drop-down Box—Analyzing User Needs Baidu Related Searches—Expanding Keyword Direction

4 , Do more research on Baidu algorithm

Baidu search resource platform is very practical, Baidu official It is to publish news on it, and following the official footsteps is just the fastest shortcut to SEO, because the official explanation is the most authoritative, and many methods are only released after they have verified that they are effective.

So we don't have to listen to the so-called gossip, there are a lot of SEO handouts on the Internet, but sometimes it is very It is difficult to distinguish true from false, and some methods are indirectly illegal. Some time ago, Baidu Statistics newly released news that a certain webmaster in the circle was arrested by Baidu for illegally forging false data due to illegal production (a large number of waste keywords were extrapolated)!

On the Internet, there are often advertisements on the Internet that promote the ranking of fast Chinese websites. For example, the Chinese website can be strengthened to the homepage within 3 days...... . However, this kind of practice is likely to be a malicious swiping and clicking, a black hat technique, and the good times don't last long. And once it is queried by the browser, the ranking will drop immediately, and there is a risk of deleting the Chinese website. It is recommended to strengthen it through formal SEO means.

5. Combine with self-media platform for promotion

At the same time, high-weight platforms can also be combined together. After all, for small and medium-sized enterprises, online promotion, such as Baijia account, QQ account, Chan and others are good platforms, at least they are still in the traffic bonus period. These self-media platforms get a lot of traffic from browsers every day, and some of them are even as high as millions or tens of millions.

Many high-quality self-media platform texts, in addition to getting high-quality traffic in the site In addition, some texts also have their own fermentation properties, and many high-quality texts can also obtain accurate traffic through off-site searches.

For the current question and answer, I will search for long-tail words on Baidu "SEO Chinese website strengthening steps", in the top 25 positions, the text of the self-media platform has occupied 4, and the exposure is still very good.

On the self-media platform, many advantageous texts are a small traffic pool, and the number of followers is as few as several hundred As many as hundreds of thousands, a high-quality first-ranked question and answer, the number of page views of an article in a day may be equal to the traffic of a Chinese website for others in a day.

What does this mean for Chinese websites? So I asked us to combine self-media platforms to do it, the feasibility is very high.

In addition, if you put all the credit card business channels on the Chinese website SEO , especially Baidu SEO, the opportunities will undoubtedly become less and less, so it is recommended to combine with many high-weight self-media platforms, the effect will be more guaranteed.

The above are all the texts captured at that time, if you think it’s okay Please help me to like + bookmark, I will continue to provide us with more and more specialized texts!

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