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Yorkers. When I landed an important interview, I often

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TRESHAM. What's urgent we obtain Is, that she soon receive him--say, to-morrow--, Next day at furthest.

Yorkers. When I landed an important interview, I often

GUENDOLEN. Ne'er instruct me!

Yorkers. When I landed an important interview, I often

TRESHAM. Come! --He's out of your good graces, since forsooth, He stood not as he'd carry us by storm With his perfections! You're for the composed Manly assured becoming confidence! --Get her to say, "to-morrow," and I'll give you... I'll give you black Urganda, to be spoiled With petting and snail-paces. Will you? Come!

Yorkers. When I landed an important interview, I often

SCENE III. --MILDRED'S Chamber. A Painted Window overlooks the Park

GUENDOLEN. Now, Mildred, spare those pains. I have not left Our talkers in the library, and climbed The wearisome ascent to this your bower In company with you,--I have not dared... Nay, worked such prodigies as sparing you Lord Mertoun's pedigree before the flood, Which Thorold seemed in very act to tell --Or bringing Austin to pluck up that most Firm-rooted heresy--your suitor's eyes, He would maintain, were grey instead of blue-- I think I brought him to contrition!--Well, I have not done such things, (all to deserve A minute's quiet cousin's talk with you,) To be dismissed so coolly.

MILDRED. Guendolen! What have I done? what could suggest...

GUENDOLEN. There, there! Do I not comprehend you'd be alone To throw those testimonies in a heap, Thorold's enlargings, Austin's brevities, With that poor silly heartless Guendolen's Ill-time misplaced attempted smartnesses-- And sift their sense out? now, I come to spare you Nearly a whole night's labour. Ask and have! Demand, be answered! Lack I ears and eyes? Am I perplexed which side of the rock-table The Conqueror dined on when he landed first, Lord Mertoun's ancestor was bidden take-- The bow-hand or the arrow-hand's great meed? Mildred, the Earl has soft blue eyes!

MILDRED. My brother-- Did he... you said that he received him well?