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How to strengthen Douyin Bazelle? Brief description of Douyin Bazelle business process

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How to strengthen Douyin Bazelle? Brief description of Douyin Bazelle business process

In the first quarter of this year, Binary Tremor CEO Ding Ning revealed that Douyin Audio Search Month The number of active users has exceeded 550 million, "In the next year, Douyin will increase its investment in search. Li Yan, a person related to Kuaishou Search, revealed at the Kuaishou Photosynthesis Producer Conference that the monthly active users of Kuaishou Search have already Over 250 million.

How to strengthen Douyin Bazelle? Brief description of Douyin Bazelle business process

There is no doubt that "search" has become the fastest A big plus direction. The search of "Doukuai" is different from Tencent's search, which is mainly reflected in the expression of conclusions. It is different from Tencent's Grignols text. ", the search conclusion is obtained through the audio form, although the audio presentation is more intuitive, more vivid and vivid. Through the search, Douku can accurately provide a large amount of audio to the user, improving the user's work Efficiency. Secondly, search can also be connected with sales business. For example, after combining B2C and search, a "search B2C" is formed. Users can directly redirect to the interface with audio products through search keywords, providing more display for merchants Exit.

How to strengthen Douyin Bazelle? Brief description of Douyin Bazelle business process


Before, Douyin has tested a function called "Search for a Search". Users can search for key sentences or words in the article area, and the search results can display audio texts similar to the sentence. Many B2C producers also participated in it. By leaving text similar to their audio texts in the article area of popular audio, other users can use the search function on the text, and the function can be located at their audio, becoming two Free delivery outlet.

The functional positioning of Kuaishou search is more For the sake of clarity, "use life to answer every kind of life" is emphasized. It can be simply understood as, through the precise conclusion of audio search, to solve users' doubts about daily life, the functional positioning is more like the audio version of Jurun. In addition, Doukuai has also launched an off-site search widget recently. It is not difficult to see that they hope to extend the search beyond the ecology, build Jieyi externally and realize the window at the same time, so that it is easier to focus on text interaction and entertainment text belts The value of incoming network traffic.

Vibrato What is seo?

In view of the above background, it is necessary for private enterprises to The short audio network platform develops the industrial layout of the sales business, so how should the industrial layout be? On the one hand, it can activate the account and expand the text operation of the short audio, and on the other hand, it can deploy the seo of the short audio industry. The following teacher Qilin will tell you about Douyin seo.

What is Douyin seo? ="color: blue;">Improve the keyword ranking on the Douyin network platform to achieve the purpose of obtaining network traffic and customers.

Why Do Douyin seo?

1. Douyin has a large user base

TikTok has 600 million daily active users and 550 million monthly search users, which is enough to cover all walks of life Therefore, as a relevant person of a private enterprise, it is necessary to carry out the industrial layout of seo sales business on the Douyin network platform.

2. Short audio

Compared to traditional search engines Compared with the short audio search results, it is more in place to meet the user's search needs, and the new experience is faster, but this is because the short audio improves the text efficiency.

3. Transform into More convenient

Douyin has their storefront function, Private enterprises can fully activate their Douyin storefronts. If users need to buy back the market, they can buy back directly through Douyin. It is more convenient for private enterprises to convert cash.

The list rules of Douyin

1. Account level

1) verticality of the account

The so-called verticality of the account refers to whether the functional positioning of the account is accurate, whether it is good, and whether the output text is focused on a certain field. Under the premise of other conditions being the same, the Douyin network platform is definitely willing to rank two benevolent accounts first, which is beneficial to the user's overall search experience.

2) Number of fans of the account

The number of fans of the account fully reflects the popularity of the account, and also fully reflects the stickiness of the account , the number of movie fans helps the network platform judge the product quality of that account from the side.

3) The quality of the classic works of the account

The overall product quality of the account is affected by its overall classic product quality, the better the classic product quality, The weight of its account will be higher.

4) The number of high-quality classic works of the account

The number of high-quality classic works affects the degree to which the account meets the needs of users. Yin is two text network platforms. The more high-quality texts you can provide, the more willing the network platform is to send you network traffic.

5) The number of XT736PA accounts

The number of XT736PA of the account is the sum of XT736PA of all classic works, which fully reflects the use of the account to a certain extent The degree to which investors like it is two full manifestations of the level of account weightage.

6) Live broadcast dynamics of the account

Live broadcasting is the two functions of Douyin. Whether you can make good use of that function is also the judgment of the network platform Two levels of product quality for your account.

2. Text hierarchy

1) The market demand of the text meets the degree of user


The market demand mentioned here refers to the user's search market demand, if your Audio text not only meets the user's search needs, but also has other benefits, which greatly improves the possibility of being ranked in the search rankings.

2) Relevance between text and target keywords

< p style="font-size: 18px; line-height: 40px; text-align: left; margin-bottom: 30px;"> Douyin crawlers generally identify the theme of the audio through the following aspects, and then See if the topic matches the search keywords and to what extent.

Cover: Cover or not have target keywords

Title: Whether there is a target keyword in the title

Whether there is a text description for the audio, and whether there is a target keyword in the description text

Label: Whether the audio label contains the target keyword

3) interactive data

Interaction data generally includes data such as likes, articles, forwarding, etc. The quality of these levels of data also fully reflects the product quality of the text.

Operation process of Douyin seo

Knowing the ranking rules of Douyin seo, how to do it specifically? The following teacher Qilin will tell you the specific Douyin seo operation process:

1. Analyze competitors

If you want to make a keyword list for Douyin, you must first search For your target keywords, see what the top competitors are doing. Generally, you can start the analysis from the top 10 search conclusions. The analysis levels can include the following aspects:

1) Account function positioning

2) Audio cover, title, label use

3) Audio text (how the beginning, middle, and end meet the needs of users step by step)

2. Account function positioning

The so-called account function positioning refers to what text you want to provide for your target users, how to Provide more differentiated audio texts than competitors. In addition, pay attention to verticalization when positioning account functions. Text fields cannot be scattered.

3. Around the key Word expansion text output

First find the keywords of your industry Root word, for example, your account is about operation and promotion, you can use the two keywords of "operation" and "promotion" as the root word, and then search in the Douyin search box, you can see the drop-down, and related searches, these are all users According to the search market demand, start text creation around these keywords.

4. Industrial layout Keyword

It is a bit different from traditional seo industry layout keywords Similarly, we must first find out where the industrial layout is. When Douyin is doing seo, the industrial layout is as follows:

1) account name

account name It can contain keywords, for example, the name of Teacher Qilin’s Douyin account is called “Teacher Qilin Chatting with Operation”, which contains the core keyword “operation”

2) account introduction

Account introduction is two general introductions to account function positioning, let users know what you do and what value can you provide him. Here you can find the keywords of industrial layout.

3) Album name

The album function needs to have more than 10,000 fans before it can be enabled. Enter your target keyword industry layout.

4) Title of classic works

The title of a classic work refers to a section of text introduction that prompts you to add every time a classic work is released. Industrial layout keywords. As shown below:

5) Cover of classic works

The cover of classic works can also layout your keyword industry. If there are no keywords in the picture cut out by the system, they can make two good covers and upload them Go up.

6) Text text in classic works

< p style="font-size: 18px; line-height: 40px; text-align: left; margin-bottom: 30px;">In the classic works, the text keyword industry layout can use Douyin's text adding function on the one hand To expand the industrial layout, on the other hand, the industrial layout can be expanded through automatic recognition of subtitles, so this requires the target keywords to appear in the audio text.

7) topic

The topic is the two functions that appeared at the end of the release of classic works, as shown in the figure below:

5. Frequent live broadcast

< p style="font-size: 18px; line-height: 40px; text-align: left; margin-bottom: 30px;">As long as you are free, you can broadcast live, not only can shorten the distance with fans, but also be active The data of the account number is helpful for the name column. If you really don't know what to say in the live broadcast, it is also good to turn on the voice live broadcast and release some dry knowledge related to the account.

6. Data monitoring

After the basic operations are done, you need to observe the data Yes, the data here refers to the SEO rankings, and data monitoring is generally carried out in two cycles of half a month.

7. Data optimization

If the data is not ideal, expand the Optimized, the optimization should be considered from the following aspects:

1) Text: Improve the product quality of the text; change the angle of the text

2) Live broadcast: lengthen the duration; change the live broadcast text

3) Number of fans: Use various methods to increase the number of fans, and pay attention to the naturalness of the operation.

4) Interactive data: artificially improve interactive data, create operation processes, Also pay attention to the naturalness of the operation.

5) Use the functions of other Douyin network platforms as much as possible

After each data optimization, data monitoring should be carried out, so that "monitoring-> Optimization" forms two closed-loop operations.

After writing so much, I finally share everything I want to say with you , As for why it is such an operation method, it is just based on the seo ranking rules of Douyin. Every operation is to optimize the various data of seo to achieve the optimal state. In the later period, related dry goods texts such as Douyin operation will be updated, please continue to pay attention.

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