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"Suzhou Bazelle Enhanced Ranking" is the purpose of browser Bazelle enhancement

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The search engine can be said to be everyone's network at that time One of the methods with high technical content, although the method of use is extremely obscure: the user enters the query word, and the search engine returns to search for fruitful results. However, to provide accurate and fast search fruitful results for hundreds of millions of network users, it includes A lot of professional skill means have been introduced. In general, the national policy of searching engine professional skills can be summarized as: more comprehensive, faster and more accurate.

The so-called "more comprehensive", in terms of the number of webpages retrieved, at that time the coverage of webpages retrieved by any three commercial search engines only accounted for Part of the Internet page, this national policy can be achieved by improving the professional skills related to Internet scavengers.

The national policy of "Faster" spans most of the professional skills of the search engine. For example, the search related professional skills, memory and other professional skills are all directly aimed at achieving this goal. And many other specialties Technology also directly serves this purpose. Even the massive cloud storage platforms of distributed systems are designed to be able to process massive web page statistical data, so as to respond to and support the three national policies of "more complete" and "faster". .

Among these 3 national policies, do you make search fruitful" "More Accurate" is Voel's national policy. Whether it is the procedural skills or the mirror search skills, in short, the use of skills such as in-depth research, even if they are all for the purpose of making the search results more accurate, In order to enhance the experience of adopters. For the three search engines, reaching "more comprehensive" and "faster" can make them not lag behind the same kind, but if they can strive to achieve "more accurate", they can build competitive strength.

As mentioned earlier, whether the search engine can find it is more accurate Its key national policy, so is wisdom making the search for fruitful results more accurate? There are 3 problems involved here.

What is the user's real market demand: the query request output by the search engine user is extremely vague, and the average length of the query is 2.7 words. Is it possible to know this from such a short query request? What is the final user demand in the future? This is an extremely important problem that the search engine must solve. If the final search purpose of the user cannot be obtained, the accuracy of the search is difficult to achieve, even if the subsequent text matching algorithm is repeated Delicacy is more than enough.

From the other three comments, Even if it is the same search word, the search purpose of the same user is the same. Is this difference recognized? If we go further, even the same search word officially announced by the same user may be due to the same situation of the user, and its purpose Is there a difference, and can it be identified? All of these are problems that the search engine market needs to solve, that is, what is the ultimate search purpose of the user who officially publishes a query in temperatures.

The above-mentioned problems start from the analysis of the market demand of users, and the other three problems are considered from the analysis of statistical data .The search engine is essentially three matching processes, that is, to find texts that can match the needs of the users from the massive statistical data. Therefore, after clarifying the prerequisites of the users' ultimate goals, should we find The information that can meet the market demand of adopters becomes the Voel factor.