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Vegetables rearranged! 16 Auneau

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s that need to be avoided in the construction of the foreign trade export Chinese website 40?wx_fmt=jpeg&wxfrom=5&wx_lazy= 1&wx_co=1" style="width: 100%; margin-bottom: 20px;">focus management

Yu Xiaodong  Novelty  Extract

Vegetables rearranged! 16 Auneau

Growing at a high speed with the final exporters

Vegetables rearranged! 16 Auneau

The construction of the Chinese website for foreign trade export has always made many foreign trade exporters feel like a rat. My own Chinese website did not have copper, so I spent a lot of days and money. However, the return on investment of his independent station equity investment is higher than zero.

Vegetables rearranged! 16 Auneau

There is no Chinese website, but you have already started to do Chinese This is the time for the website, Many people step into "Auneau" in the second step.

If you can successfully avoid most of Auneau, no copper is Impossible.

They rearranged the 16 Auneaus that were broadcast live last Friday , to give some social benefits to friends who missed the live broadcast.

It can be said that you have properly avoided the following 16 "Auneau" , The Chinese website is very effective and cannot be bad. If you think that you have avoided it but have no cash, you can find Leizi immediately, and I will send you a lot of cash from my bank.

No.1< /strong>

Product Display pure photos on classified pages

then close my Product classification webpage, is it similar to the above webpage? If yes, congratulations on winning the jackpot.

Many friends' products are classified pages, more than many photos are displayed. But it's just classifying webpages, is the core concept webpage that they get keyword rankings from Google. If your product classification page is like the above, you want to modify it with supporting measures.

How to fix it?

Change the frame! In addition to displaying photos, add more elements such as stock, text, audio, bullet, etc., and try to diversify the content of the classification page.

No.2< /strong>

large The keywords targeted by some webpage features have no search volume

often A friend asked me that their Chinese website keywords are all ranked on the first page of Google, but there is still no cash.

When I look at his keywords, the search volume is 0!

That means no one searches for your words! You may feel refreshed when you look at it yourself, and then wait for the cash to come, but the day lily is cold but there is no cash. This is a typical self-promotion type.


: Install a plug-in called keywords Eerywhere, and then verify all the words you have functionally positioned at that time. If there is no search volume, go to find again Search volume words, re-layout your web pages. If you don't know how to use this tool, you can find the corresponding chapters in their SEO series courses.

No.3< /strong>

retail Attribute product function positioning product big words, no B-side words

Many friends’ products are more consumer-oriented, and then the keywords of their Chinese website directly go to the function to locate the big words of the product. For example, if you make a glass bottle, then your classification page is a function positioning Glass bottle.

This kind of wordOne The first is that the competition is extremely high, and it is difficult to optimize it to the Google homepage. Second, most of the people who search for such words want to buy one or two bottles, and they are not your potential customers at all.

Solution: For consumer products, de-prioritize functions to locate B-terminal words.

No.4< /strong>


Many people's separate site details The page is still a continuation of the thinking of the B2B platform details page. Between different product details, just change the photo and product name, and everything else is exactly the same.

This kind of webpage cannot be listed well in Google, because Most of them are repetitive texts. If you want to have a good ranking, you have to write different texts.

No.5< /strong>

Chinese The website has a superficial appearance, no site layout

read There are too many Chinese websites, which look good on the surface, but the webpages are clear and watery, and the text is useless. There are less than 10 web pages in total, and there is no keyword layout, but many texts are repeated.

This kind of Chinese website is either actively attracting traffic with Google ads, or it is It is difficult to have traffic, let alone copper.

No.6< /strong>

Chinese The website layout is old, no mobile phone adaptation

Many friends The Chinese website is the kind of Chinese website written in full code ten years ago. There is no supporting method to modify the text as the screen size changes on the mobile phone.

If the Chinese website is not mobile adaptive, it will lose a lot of mobile traffic , Google will give you very few mobile phone rankings.

Leizi’s Chinese website’s mobile phone accounts for almost half of the existing copper quantity.

So, open your Chinese website on your phone and try it out.

No.7< /strong>

Chinese The website has no internal link layout

The layout of the internal link will It directly affects the efficiency of Google crawling your Chinese website, and it will also affect the ranking of your keywords. You need to connect the keywords of Chinese website pages in series.

For how to layout internal links, please also go directly to their SEO series courses to find the corresponding chapters.

No.8< /strong>

Chinese No control over the background of the website

If you want to change the Chinese website Many texts, but you can't change the background no matter how much you research, or you can't change the background at all, this will be more troublesome. You can communicate and coordinate with your service provider.

No.9< /strong>

Chinese Website text plagiarism

This is the Chinese website of many friends Everyone has this problem. You may think that your client's copywriting is very good, and it is directly copied to your Chinese website. In this case, the Chinese website becomes a real Chinese website, and it is impossible to have a keyword list.

You can "learn" the copywriting of your peers or customers, but absolutely not It can be copied directly, and you can use your own words to re-tell the points expressed by the other party.

To check whether your Chinese website has repeated text, you can use siteliner tool.


Chinese website copy is obscure

Copy writing is always a difficult topic. Remember one sentence, all your copywriting is for people to read, don't write my copywriting in the form of a thesis.

If the sentence is large, it should be easy to understand, and it should be written in the second person. Use complex sentences.

No.11< /strong>

Webpage Very little text

Whether your Chinese website looks good or not, it is very Probably want supporting measures to make more texts. Some friends' product pages do not exceed 100 words, and it is impossible for this kind of webpage to have any keywords listed. Some just post a few photos, and then put some parameters. This kind of webpage is also what they call a display webpage.

No.12< /strong>

Chinese Website keyword layout is confusing

Some friends have a Chinese website On the product page, several keywords are placed on the same web page. For example, if you put glasses, glass bottles, and glass basins on one webpage, it is difficult for Google to know which word is concentrated on your webpage, so it is difficult to rank your webpage.

So, they generally put the same type of goods in the same web page optimization.

No.13< /strong>

Chinese There are a lot of spam links on the website

you can Google to find them There are many tools for detecting external links. Check your Chinese website. There are many spam external links. If there are, you must clean them up in time, otherwise Google may punish your Chinese website.


The SEO title is not written or a large number of keywords are piled up

SEO title is a more important element of Google rankings, many people are not If you don't write it, you just pile up many keywords in the title.

SEO titles need to be planned strategically, and must not be piled up at will. This may be suspected of over-optimization.

No.15< /strong>

Chinese The website is not included by Google

If your Chinese website is If it is not included by Google, there is no need to talk about keyword rankings or cash.

Regarding how to check whether a Chinese website is included or crawled, they are in < strong style="color: blue;"> On-site SEO Optimization Checklist has a detailed explanation.

No.16< /strong>

website There are few web pages, more than 10 pages

You can go Google searches for my product keywords to see how many pages the top Chinese websites generally have.

Or directly enter my customer's URL to Google site: domain name, you can see Find out how many webpages their Chinese website has been indexed by Google. Generally, the Chinese websites that can be on the top of the Google homepage have hundreds of webpages.

So friends who are tired of doing dozens of web pages, compare them . It’s very worrying~~

OK, the above is the live broadcast main text of . It's just that they have taught you every knowledge point in detail in the series of SEO courses. For more SEO practical fruits and vegetables, please move to LeiziGoogleSEO from zero to a series of courses, The value of this series of courses will become greater and greater, and the text will become more diverse.

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