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What is Bazelle Chinese website enhancement?

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Answer background: focus on life The Internet Kingdee is based on non-industrial commodities-construction materials commodities. Organizational work will touch SEO enhancement. Today I will simply introduce to you what is SEO enhancement.

What is Bazelle Chinese website enhancement?

Seo enhancement is to restructure the internal and external structures of your Chinese website structure, such as the reduction of internal links, creator articles, snapshots, etc., and finally achieve the top ranking in keyword search, that is to say, if you use Tencent to search two keywords of your Chinese website, you can be found on the Tencent homepage. So you basically succeeded in doing SEO enhancement. The image above is an exercise I asked about "the key steps and basic skills of seo Chinese website strengthening", we can refer to it.

What is Bazelle Chinese website enhancement?

What are the key steps and basic skills of SEO Chinese website enhancement? 146 Agreed· 12 Article questions size: 18px; line-height: 40px; text-align: left; margin-bottom: 30px;">The mirror is from the internal structure of the Chinese website, the subtitle setting, the creator's article update, the internal link structure, and the reduction of snapshot friend links After writing about how to strengthen SEO in two aspects, and at the same time put two Tencent algorithms, look at the Tencent algorithm, we will know what to do and what not to do.

What is Bazelle Chinese website enhancement?

The above told us the SEO enhancement in my heart.

I think SEO enhancement is more important because the keywords are on the homepage so simple, SEO enhancement should be in the category of Lendelin Internet Kingdee. To do SEO enhancement from the Chinese website Kingdee, it is more important to do keywords, but two Chinese websites can give you your own piece of sky.

1. Keyword strengthening. This is the most basic and core concept of seo strengthening. If the keywords are not on the homepage, what is seo strengthening? After all, the keywords are all we put into the sheath. There are hot topics in the financial industry and words with high data on the Tencent Index. So the most basic thing to strengthen seo is to strengthen keywords.

2. Strengthen the scene words. The enhancement of scene words is based on the enhancement of core concept keywords. For example, if you are a manufacturer of hydraulic brakes, customers may not necessarily search for "hydraulic brakes" every time. If they want to buy your product, they may search for "hydraulic brake price" and "hydraulic brake manufacturer". "Where is there a seller of hydraulic brakes in Fujian", it's all possible, so you think about what the customer thinks, follow that path to make the author's article, the subtitle of the author's article is the scene word, and then the author's article The text is used as the core concept keyword, so that we can strive to achieve a comprehensive layout. Precision strike.

3. Text Kingdee. When we introduced the text Kingdee, we mentioned that we first introduced Hehe Yuxinghao and Tencent Qianjia, and then looked at SEO enhancement from the perspective of Jieyi. However, the biggest change in SEO enhancement in recent years is the transformation from basic skills to text, and providing solutions will become The important direction of seo strengthening is no longer simply changing the image.

Because of my work organization, the Chinese websites I touch are generally Enterprises in the construction materials and finance industry statically display Chinese websites, which is relatively easy to strengthen. If my question is helpful to us, please mention it to me.

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I have always believed that SEO enhancement does not exist in the form of two individuals, but leverages on a complete set of Internet Kingdee plans, which complement other Kingdee approaches , and work together to form two Internet Kingdee ecosystems. The above is the Internet Kingdee plan I wrote for building materials, and I hope it can help us.

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This plan is strengthened by SEO, B-side B2C, C-side B2C and self-news media are jointly formed, but in the end they all point to text. What Tencent strengthens is text. Looking at these two platforms, in the future Internet Kingdee Baramula will increasingly downplay basic skills and focus on text.

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Author: Jinan Liying Internet Ma Jialin. Internet Kingdee focuses on non-industrial commodities—construction material commodities.