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How to build your own website

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Now with the comprehensive Internet site Development and practice have changed the way we obtain information and brought us different business opportunities. Whether large companies or small and medium-sized enterprises realize the importance of having a website, they all want to build their own website for network marketing. Promote your company's business and services through the website. Enterprises must consider the quality when building a website, and it cannot be measured by a simple price. Of course, each construction has a production cycle. If the enterprise wants the website to go online as soon as possible, it must be fully understood. What are the processes required for website construction?

How to build your own website

Clarify the purpose of building a website

Before building a website, the first thing to do is to clarify the purpose of building this website What is it? According to different customer groups, carry out targeted planning, design, and development of the website, because the characteristics of each industry are different, and the browsing habits and aesthetic angles of each user are different. The website we build must grasp the The preferences and characteristics of user groups, only in this way can users like our website and recognize it.

How to build your own website

Build the domain name space of the website

Having a good domain name instantly makes our website more classy and easier for users to remember. Currently, the domain name suffixes submitted by users are .com and .cn, and .com stands for Internationally, .cn represents China. The choice of a website should be based on the company name or industry characteristics. For example, Yunnan Caili Information Technology Co., Ltd., because domain names are scarce resources, there are basically no good domain names, and only abbreviated place names + company names (yncaili. com), you can also use the full name, such as baidu.com.

How to build your own website

Web space is also called virtual host, which is used to store the database of our website and program files (including text, pictures, web pages, videos, program language files php, js, css).

design of website page Requirements

The background function of the website is powerful, and the animation effect is so dazzling. For website users, the first thing they see is the structural layout of the website page. When users open the website, can they be instantly attracted? A creative and excellent website will not only make people feel refreshed, but also improve the ranking of search engines. good advantage.

Therefore, in the early stage of website establishment, we need to do a comprehensive planning and Planning, website page design using templates or customization, no matter which way is designed, the function of the website is to directly attract users and let users have a deeper understanding of our company. At this time, we need to collect the materials used to build the website. Including text, pictures and video and other information.

Web site management source system

After several years of development, the system of website construction is also relatively diversified. Currently, website development languages include asp, .net, php, jsp, and java. For ordinary corporate official websites, Using php language to develop a website is enough, not only the investment cost of building a website is low, but also conducive to recruiting talents. Now there are more technicians engaged in PHP.

Of course, if you want to develop a website from scratch, it is not easy If you don’t have many years of experience in the industry, the barely developed system is not suitable for the current situation. If you want to save trouble, money, and time, you should find a professional website construction company, or find a free system that is open source on the Internet. Each has its own advantages.

Website online testing and release< /h1>

Do anything, there will always be mistakes, and the website is the same, After the background program of the website is written and the front-end code is adjusted, it is necessary to add graphic information in the background to see if the front-end can be displayed, whether the link can be opened after opening the website, whether there are garbled characters, and whether there is any incompatibility on the website page , How important is the test and evaluation of the website, there are still many imperfections in the website, we need to observe more from the perspective of user experience, and gradually improve it.

All the problems on the website are solved, there is no big problem, just All the program files and databases of the website can be uploaded to the virtual host, and then the domain name is resolved to the server ip. The virtual host binds the domain name, and the user can officially access the website through the domain name.